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We also have a daily and weekend menu that we change often

La carta

Our best dishes


“Bolognese” and kimchee Croquetas

Traditional croquetas with a homemade Bolognese pork and veal and slightly spicy kimchee sauce

Marinated Salmon Poke Bowl

Hawaiian origin with a base of jasmine rice, a fish and vegetables with a soy sauce and wasabi

calabazaB 5

Peppers roasts with jowls

A mixture of traditional flavors from our land that will not disappoint you

Gyozas of Japanese prawns and vegetables

 “Empanadillas” stuffed with vegetables and prawns and a sauce made with the heads. 

Sirloin Steak Tartare

Traditional Steak tartare chopped all by knife and seasoned, on a grilled bone marrow accompanied by crispy “scolding”

Mushroom carpaccio of eryngii

Eryngii mushrooms seasoned with different touches, nuts and cheese

ajos 5 (2)

Sauteed Boletus

Autumn flavors that you fancy… until they lat. With Parmentier of tupinambo and egg at 65ºC

Picaña Tataki

Macerated in soybeans and sesame with pickles and red curry. Dish of Japanese Beef origin.

Vegetable Dish

Seasonal vegetables offered by the garden with our personal touch


# Roasted veal rib “18 hours”

With potato wedges and vacuum cooked with our spice sauce & barbecue in the southern US style

# Red Tuna Ceviche with “sweet potato”

Typical Peruvian, is a fish in dice and accompanied by vegetables, seasoned with chili, lime and coriander

# Boneless lamb with eggplant

Lamb Terrine at low temperature, with quinoa, ricotta, and basil, in a juice with their own bones and different contrasts.

# Cod kokotxas, stew

Grilled cod Kokotxaswith “calluses” to traditional Biscay sauce, a Thai touch, lime leaf, and galangal

# “Crispy Chicken” Gua Bao

Marinated chicken drumstick, battered in crispy panko corn and fried, in a steamed bread of Taiwanese origin with a sweet-sour mayonnaise

# Grilled octopus on humus

Mix of Mediterranean cultures, sea and mountains. Very tasty and with the touch of the house.

# Roasted Pork

RaviolRavioli in rice wafer, suitable for coeliacs, with crumbled pork and Chinese flavors

#Grilled Beef T-bone

Selected cows with dry ripening.

col 5

# GalicianGalician Blonde

Blonde Beef T-boneCow bred in Spain and selected, with dry ripening – Dry Aged.

# Grilled fish of the day

Fresh and seasonal fish, always looking for the best that the sea gives us. 

** Ask for our suggestions outside the menu **
* We have an allergen menu *


# Dessert of the week to consult

Each week we will offer you a different dessert that we have prepared with fruits of the season or other ingredients, let yourself be surprised!

# Chocolate

“Cake” semi-fluid chocolate, suitable for celiacs with different chocolate textures and chocolate-truffle ice cream. The choice of the sweet tooth!

# Plums, Carrots and Hazelnuts

Cream and plum ice cream, baby carrots and their foam, aerated hazelnut and praline cake.

# Cheese and Red Fruits Cheese

Mousse, cream cheese and Baileys, “pannacotta” of red fruits, red fruits and their air.

# Torrija with English cream

An essential classic in our menu

# Cheese selection

We look for cheeses from different regions and origins … Bread with cheese tastes like a kiss!

* we have allergen menu *

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Our wine list is a faithful reflection of our pride in our land and its vineyards, of our personality as chefs and above all, as Riojan chefs.

We have selected the most special wines from local producers, those that best fit the flavors of our dishes.

* Letter updated continuously